Listening to patients’ experiences of receiving medication intravenously in hospital: A Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Workshop

Who is this workshop for?

We are looking for 10 volunteers to take part in a workshop who are:

  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Who either have experience of receiving medication intravenously in hospital personally OR
    Who has been the parent of a child receiving medication intravenously in hospital.

What is the purpose of the workshop?

Many modern medications are delivered directly into veins (i.e. intravenously). For example, a bag of chemotherapy might be connected to a patient to treat cancer, a bag of saline might be connected and hung next to a patient for hydration, or a syringe driver might be connected to a patient for pain relief after an operation. In some cases the nurse will set these up to drip into the patient using gravity alone, and in other cases the nurse will programme a pump to control the infusion rate.

We want to hear patients’ experiences of receiving this treatment. For example: Were you given enough information? Were the pump alarms disturbing? Did you ever touch the pump yourself? What did you like and dislike about being connected to a pump? What could be improved for other patients?

This workshop aims to generate questions and review consent procedures for ECLIPSE. ECLIPSE is a research project funded by the National Institute of Health Research, which is looking to review and improve the quality and safety of intravenous infusions in hospitals.

Will my expenses be reimbursed and will my time be compensated?

You will be reimbursed expenses to attend the meeting. You will be compensated £45 for the 3 hour meeting, which will also include a buffet lunch.

When and where will the workshop take place?

The workshop will run from 12noon-3pm, Thursday 9th October 2014. It will be held at University College London, which is close to Euston Station in London.


If you are interested in taking part or just want to find out more please contact: Dominic Furniss (

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