Data Gathering at Our First Site

We have started data collection and entry at our first site, which is going well.  We have identified some interesting examples of minor deviations from local policy that have provoked debate among the ECLIPSE team regarding their significance and are highlighting the complexities of real life clinical practice.

We are using our experiences at this first site to review our data collection guidance for further sites. We are also creating a Hints, Tips & Frequently Asked Questions sheet for knowledge sharing between sites, and we’re creating a guide with examples of how to classify different discrepancies and errors to ensure consistent reporting across sites.

At our first site, we have found that our two data collectors are working together well as a team, with one recording the data on the collection forms, while the other looks at the infusions in place. When entering the data into the database, the observer who completed the forms then calls out the data and the other observer enters it. We have found this gives us a consistent approach and works well with the design of the data collection forms and the database.