For hospital partners

Are you interested in the costs and benefits of Dose Error Reduction Software (DERS) and other strategies for minimising the risks of human error when administering intravenous infusions? If so, contact Dominic Furniss ( to discuss working with us on the ECLIPSE project.

Participating sites: We are selecting sites to take part in our study. We’re aiming to have a variety of sites from different regions of England, with different IV infusion practices, some with DERS and some without.

What it involves: The first phase of the study involves gathering data on intravenous infusions across different clinical specialisms to identify any deviations from the prescription or administration protocol. Findings will be reported back to and discussed with hospital representatives, to explore likely causes of deviations and strategies for reducing them. Aggregated, anonymised findings across study sites will be analysed both quantitatively and qualitatively to summarise the prevalence and types of deviations, the causal factors contributing to those deviations, and strategies for quality improvement.

Direct benefits to the hospital: participation will yield confidential data on your hospital’s current performance, enable you to review and improve practices, and provide guidance to support future purchasing and policy decisions concerning intravenous medication.

Further information: please look at our ECLIPSE flyer for more details about the study.